I know you're here because we have something fundamental in common.

You don't want to become just-another-Instagram-coach.

You want to make an impact on your clients' lives by being the best coach you can be and establishing your own unique coaching style. But something is missing… maybe it's that you feel drained after emotional sessions, or you don't know how to set yourself apart from the sea of other coaches online. Ultimately, you really want to ensure that you're operating from a place of integrity and ethics.

I want you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine for a moment with me.

Imagine if each day you sat down in your coach’s chair, you felt…

  • PASSIONATE that you are serving your clients from a place of authenticity and integrity every step of the way

  • ABUNDANTLY CONFIDENT in your coaching style, so you can create a big impact and welcome client referrals

  • SUPPORTED knowing that you have someone on your side who’s driven to making you better at what you love to do, and is always there for you when you have those burning questions

  • ALIGNED and that you are fulfilling your highest potential as a coach, staying true to your soul’s purpose

Supervision is rapidly becoming a recognized industry standard for coaching excellence.

And let’s face it… in today’s world of rising ethical challenges, no professional in the helping or healing field can afford to be without supervision.

I like to think of coaching supervision as Super-Vision into your own work.

Supervision brings reflection, recognition and resourcefulness to anything you may be experiencing as a coach, so you don’t have to bear those feelings of stress and doubt on your own.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) recommends coaching supervision for full-time professional coach practitioners as part of their portfolio of continuing professional development (CPD) activities designed to keep them 'fit for purpose.'.

But it’s not just a qualification or best practice… Through my own experience of being supervised and supervising other coaches, I know first-hand the deep capacity it provides for professional growth and learning. 

My intention is to help you become the fantastic coach you were born to be by taking you on a journey of building your coaching mastery. You see, we don’t get better only by practicing more, we get better by having a strong reflective practice where we keep growing, feel listened to and understood, and challenged when we discover, as we must, our blind spots.

In this membership

I will create a space for you...

...(and other ethical coaches) to bring questions and issues from work in a safe, but challenging context. Here you can restore your energy, learn and implement effective coaching tools, and ensure that you comply with the ICF professional and ethical standards.

Inside the membership you get:

This membership will be a super effective drip feed nourishing your coaching competence, wellbeing and continuous development. Ultimately, I want you to spend more time doing your magic (i.e. delivering your service) and implementing what you’ve learned from the super-vision space.

Think of that good old Pareto principle: 

this membership will be part of those 20% of your efforts that provide you with 80% of results.

Our group Super-Vision calls will nurture your professional and personal growth and development by providing :

  • Hands on support with client cases from a qualified coach and (soon to be qualified) supervisor

  • A safe space to reflect and restore your emotional wellbeing and stop carrying emotions from one session to another, so you can show up at your best for your clients

  • Support that builds your coaching mastery & helps to define your unique coaching style so that you touch your clients' lives so deeply that they do your marketing for you (oh hi, referrals!)

  • An increased sense of confidence and legitimacy that you run your practice ethically

All of that for just £111 a month!!

If you’re ready to uplevel your coaching skills and set on a journey of building your coaching mastery, then join us inside the “Super-vision Academy” membership! And I can’t wait to support you there!

Kristina Sheppard

I’m Kris! I became a coaching supervisor because of my deep desire to be part of a paradigm shift within the industry. You see, in today's world, virtually anyone can call themselves a coach … and to be frank, I'm definitely not just another Instagram coach - I hold an ICF-accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching. I’ve been coaching since autumn 2018, delivering 150+ hrs of high-impact transformational 1:1 coaching sessions. I'm also currently working towards my EMCC-accredited diploma in Coaching Supervision. I infuse psychology into my coaching supervision, and my style focuses on solutions over problems within the framework of personal discovery. Are you ready to take the next step?


  • What is coaching supervision?

    Coaching supervision refers to a safe space created between a coach and coach supervisor. This space is for reflecting on the professional aspects of coaching work, while balancing the personal wellness of the coach.

  • How do I cancel?

    After a three month commitment, please email me directly and I will revoke your access. Please allow two weeks notice.